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SecureAgent не предоставил(а) никакой дополнительной информации.
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Secure Agent is a remote access solution that allows
extract valuable information from virtually any computer
with Windows OS. Secure Agent is one of the most efficient and well thought out Remote Administration Tool (RAT) programs.

Connection - the connection goes through ngrok tunnels.
Ngrok Secure is a service that allows you to open access to the internal resources of the machine on which it is running from an external network by creating a public address, all requests for which will be forwarded to the local address and the specified port.
Ngrok Secure Tunnels allow you to instantly open access to remote systems without touching any of your network settings or opening any ports on your router. This means you get a secure, reliable tunnel for your developer box, IoT device, or just about anything that has access to the internet.
Using ngrok Secure Tunnels means that you can treat every device as being local, even if it's on the other side of the globe.
How secure tunnels works
Ngrok Secure Tunnels work by using a locally installed ngrok agent to establish a connection to the ngrok service. Once the connection is established, you get a public endpoint that you or others can use to access your local service.
When a user hits the public ngrok endpoint, the ngrok figures out where to route the request to and forwards it over an encrypted connection to the locally running ngrok agent. From there, the local ngrok agent takes care of sending traffic to your upstream service. The communication between the ngrok edge and agent is secure and encrypted. Traffic from the user to the ngrok edge, and from the ngrok agent to the upstream service rely on the protocol you are using for encryption. For protocols that support end to end encryption using TLS, we provide a TLS tunnel option.
Integrating with ngrok secure!
Ngrok Secure Tunnels are designed to integrate seamlessly into your ngrok. Each edge has one or more backends which determine how to handle requests to that edge. The Tunnel Group Backend is responsible for forwarding requests to one or more tunnels in the group. A group is created based on a set of labels, where every tunnel with the same set of labels will have requests load balanced across them.
Labeled Tunnels
Labeled tunnels are just another tunnel type in the ngrok agent, similar to HTTP or TCP tunnels. When you create a new labeled tunnel, you define the set of labels that identify that tunnel and/or the device it's running on. When you create an edge that includes a tunnel group backend, and configure the tunnel group to look for tunnels matching specific labels, it will find and route traffic to your labeled tunnel.

Agent - Malicious software allegedly provides access to
target computer. However, it is not completely transparent and requires
participation purpose to install on your computer. This type
interaction usually takes the form of several
confirmations before the malware works.

I am a student of Russian technological college "Mirea".
I have been studying programming for over 5 years.
My goal is to provide you with the best quality and highest quality product in Windows Remote Access.

I'm going to stay big time in this arena and update it for many years !

Feature List:

● Support for 20 frames per second without vpn services on the side of the attacker and the client
● Connect keyboard
● Connect mouse
● Save frames to a folder
● Set base size
● Quality choice

File manager:
● Return to the previous directory
● Reload
● Copy
● Cut out
● Insert
● Encrypt
● Decrypt
● Execute file hidden/visible
● Rename
● Delete
● Upload to folder from disk
● Upload to server
● Download from server to disk
● Show / Hide / file / folder
● 7zip .install .unpack .zip
● Execute audio file
● Create new file
● Create a new folder
● Change data in a file

● Autosave
● Viewing at 20 frames per second without vpn services on the client side and the attacker

● Listen to the sound from the microphone in real time without interference

System sound:
● Listen to audio from a client device in real time

Installed programs:
● List of installed programs on the client's device
● Delete a program
● Reload List

terminal shell
Command execution

TCP connections:
● View tcp connection
● List overload
● Completion of the clutch

Computer information:
● Username
● Computer name
● Platform
● System
● System version
● The place of the stub
● Agent name (process .stub)
● Time / Date
● Disks
● Flash drives
● Identifier
● Bootloader version
● Release date
● Machine .computer .laptop
● System product
● Antivirus
● Firewall
● MAC address
● Serial number of the hard drive
● Current language
● Default browser
● Battery

Active windows:
● View open windows in real time
● Terminating a process

Process manager:
● End Process
● Finish + kill
● Restart
● Reload List
● Copy

Clipboard manager:
● Set your text
● Get text
● Save
● Copy

Password recovery:
● Chrome browser
● Discord token
● Browser bookmarks
● FileZila
● WiFi network key
● El. address

● Disk - Open/Close
● Task Manager - show/hide
● Windows Menu - Show/Hide
● File Explorer - End Process / Start Process
● Icons (Desktop) - show/hide
● Screen - Enable/Disable
● Clock - show/hide
● Notifications - Show/Hide
● Mouse change - Normal mode/Mode change
● Sound - +/-/Mute sound
● Text speaker - audio output

Location manager:
● Browser View

Vb compiler:
● Check errors
● Insert
● Copy
● Compile the code and send it to the victim's machine
● Add .dll packages
● Remove packages

● Reload Stub
● Break connection
● Change client vector
● Update Stub

File search:
● Mnemanic file search
● Search by size
● Uploading found files to hosting

Send a message:
● Output text as a message to your client

Bypass Account Attack Protection (UAC):
● Execution via WinAPI
● Execution through the Windows Module Loader
● Connection Manager Profile Installer

Client chat:
● Communicate with your customers in real time

● Install .net framework 3.5
● Computer/Challenge BSOD/Shutdown/Exit/Reboot
● Firewall / Disable / Enable
● Blank Screen / Enable / Disable
● Disable updates
● Task Manager / Hide/Show
● User Account Control / Enable / Disable
● Registry Editor / Enable / Disable
● Run shell
● Delete restore points

USB infection:
● Implementation of your agent into files stored on a USB flash drive and automatic launch when the system is reinstalled

Kill bots:
● Kills malware on the client's computer

Open link:
● Open in visible window
● Open in hidden window
● Complete the hidden opening process

● Offline keylogger
● Start
● Stop

Interception of crypto payments:
● BCash
● Zcash
● LiteCoim
● bitcoin
● Doge
● DashCoins

Change wallpaper:
● Remotely set the wallpaper on the client's desktop

Ransomware program
● Specify the amount in dollars
● Enter your wallet
● Enter your postal address

● File decryption
● Ngrok installer
● Install ngrok to access hrdp

● start panel access
● Stop

Disable Windows Defender
● Completely disable Windows Defender with UAC bypass
● It is possible to enable when a new update arrives

● Add agent to allowed antivirus threats
● Add agent to allowed antivirus threats / allows you to bypass file scanning

● Add agent to autostart
● Registry Editor
● Task Manager
● Task Scheduler

● Send file
● Memory
● Disk
● Resident memory
● Link
● Plugin

● Ngrok Tunnel
● Reboot and get new data

● Constructor
● .Agent constructor
● Server Loader
● Combining files
● Icon installer

● Layout
● Blocked Clients
● Exit
● Copy customer data
● Set client color
● 9 themes to choose from

Please note that such malware may be vulnerable to most
commercially available anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.
So they leave marks and quite easily
found on the device
I provide one crypter program which
may prevent your agent from being detected for a while.
To get the crypter you will need to access the Secure Agent panel itself to copy your ID
and send me a getsession in messenger
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