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* Monero (XMR) is now implemented and ready to use (Vendors that already created their listings before XMR was implemented and want to accept it as a payment method, edit your listings and add check Monero (XMR) too)
-You can now buy products using Monero (XMR)
-You can now become a vendor using Monero (XMR)
-You can now promote your listings using Monero (XMR)
-You can now promote your custom shop using Monero (XMR)
-You can now sticky your listings into our Live Feed using Monero (XMR)

* Secured Password, PIN and Token attempts
-Now after 7 failed Password change attempts, your password reset access will be limited for 72 hours
-Now after 7 failed Token / PGP change attempts, your access will be limited for 72 hours
-Now after 7 failed PIN change / reset attempts, your access will be limited for 72 hours

* How we count total vendor sales # Vendor-name (0) is now changed
-To help new vendors grow faster and due to many requesting this, now total sales # Vendor-name (0) will be increased based on order quantity
Example: If somone places an order with quantity 1, only 1 will be added to your total sales once the order is completed. If the order's quantity is 5 then 5 will be added to your total sales. As we consider it is fair to increase order count based on order / product quantity.

* Upgraded our DDoS shield
-Due to recent DDoS attacks that kept us offline for a while, we have upgrade our DDoS protection and server power
-Now, to access the market, you can get active links from the fallowing: rmlinkpizdvmey5f5h33msnlmivuop22oyymusl2iktmsi6zxkeaiwid.onion

* Become / Promote payment system upgraded
-Become vendor is now automated. Once payment is submitted and confirmed, account will be automatically upgraded to vendor (you no longer need to click any button)
-Promote listing is now automated
-Promote Custom Shop is now automated
-Live Feed sticky is now automated

* Withdraw system totally changed
-Now withdraws will take from cple of minutes up to 24 hours to process (for maximum security and to keep your funds safe, coins will be kept offline / cold wallet)

* Redesigned some parts of the marketplace
-Removed online users from our header
-Multiple header and footer improvements
-Multiple CSS changes and image optimization
-Removed market index vendor avatars both from listings and shops
-Reduced marketplace index futured listings & custom shops to increase loading time

* Changed marketplace guest view access
-Guests can no longer view listing details, vendor or buyer profiles without being logged in

* Implemented Kilos API
-Now search results on Kilos database will show Royal Market listings, vendor reviews, sales and other statistics

* Captcha added into orders and reset pass
-Added captcha into order change status and reset pass for better security and to prevent multiload

* Bulk sales management has been implemented.
A new unique and exiting feature to help vendors manage their sales with ease:
- Vendors can now select multiple orders and Get Order / s data in a single click! The data will be download as a .txt file
- Vendors can now select multiple orders and mark them as Sent or Cancel.

* Sales and order page totally redesigned to make it totally user friendly and include more sales / order rows.

* Implemented "Offers" into listing cards. Offers will be visible into vendor profile listings, search result listings, custom shop listings and homepage / advertised listings. A function that will help vendors attract customers and make their listing offers visible everywhere in the market

* Update marketplace message system and protected it against spam attempts (because some recent attacks were spotted). Now only buyers can send messages (users can no longer send messages). If a vendor creates a new conversation, users can reply. Users cannot create messages till they have at least 1 finalized order. Now a new conversation ca be created each 5 minutes for buyers and each 30 seconds for vendors.

* Changed order system so that vendors get notified only of Paid orders. Unpaid orders will only show in buyer's order panel till it is successfully paid for.

* Now Unpaid orders will be automatically removed after 48 hours of no payment received.

* Added a new category designed for vendors willing to sell / advertise combined products in a single listing.

* Updated Custom Shop and included ACTIVE / INACTIVE status. Now custom shop requires 4 rules in order to become ACTIVE and be visible into our marketplace:

1. Set a name (that will generate a one time link for your shop / the name and link can never be changed so chose carefully)
2. Set a description
3. Set a cover image
4. Add at least 4 listings to your shop
Custom shops that will not respect the above 4 rules will not be visible anywhere in the marketplace and cannot be viewed by buyers.

* Included Privacy tutorials on how to use PGP Windows / Linux + How to use VeraCrypt Windows / Linux

* Updated our FAQ based on new changes and updated new supported market list for vendor sales and ratings import

* Multi-selection of ship from destinations permanently removed. Now you can select only 1 single Ship from country and only 1 single Ship to country. Included WORLD WIDE and other continents.

* Ship from and Ship to included into listing card

* Fixed FE bug and Mark as Sent button

* Fixed Autodelivery for Digital orders

* Updated PGP selection everywhere in the market, now PGP will be automatically selected in a single click (you still need to copy it)

* Updated marketplace footer's "FIND US ON" as our marketplace just got listed into Darkindex, CryptBB and Darkweblink

* Fixed bug where vendors cannot contact buyers via conversation system due to our anti-spam / phish prevention system

* Now vendors that got their account upgraded for free, with 0 listings for more then 2 weeks are automatically removed.

* Now mass messages in custom shops are limited to 48 hours per mass message to customer list, in order to prevent high database usage, spam, propaganda and vendor exit scam attempts. The possibility of buying another mass message slot will be added in the future.

* Added 5 new mirror links into our marketplace footer and market-link.onion/mirrors.txt

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