Продам Продажа свежих удостоверений личности, водительских прав и паспортов, Европа/США/Великобритания (пруф)

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Contacts for communication.
Telegram: @Cxkakaz024
Telegram: @Cxkakaz024

I sell Driver's License/Passports/Ids + Selfies (watch proof) Europe, America and UK

I provide services to different countries of Europe and America (+ Britain) identity cards or driver's licenses or passports with images on both sides and a selfie with any of the cards in hand.

Selfies with ID cards in hand with images on both sides. The price of each set is $20.
Selfie with a driver's license in hand + images on both sides, The price of each set is $ 20.
Selfie with passports in hand + images, The price of each set is $20.

For an individual driver's license/passport/ID card, all I need to know is name, gender, date of birth, address and nationality. Within 2-3 hours you will receive 3 image files. One front, one back and one selfie.

One-time discount on ID card or driver's license: if you pay me $100, the price for one set drops to $10, so you get 10 full sets from me at once.
One-time discount on passports: if you pay me $50, the price for one set is reduced to $5, so you get 10 sets from me at once.

I provide:
Huge and varied range of products
High product validity and convenient substitutions
Maximum anonymity for buyers and sellers

ATTENTION: Now we are hard at work on the website of the online store for the automatic sale of scans, where a detailed description of each set will be implemented, indicating gender, age, city of residence and a full set of documents. So the process of buying documents will soon become as convenient and efficient as possible. For bulk purchases discounts up to 10-40% are possible. For regular customers there are separate discounts and the price is negotiable!
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