НЕ ПРОВЕРЕНО Pekka Rat v2 | Android Remote Control| Live Screen Control VNC | Keylogger,2FA..

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Pekka Rat v2 | Android Remote Control | Live Screen Control VNC | Keylogger, 2FA ..

Pekka Rat: is an android remote tool allows you to control and monitor android phone From your PC
2FA Stealer Social Media Hunter Screen Live Control VNC 2021
inject With Real APP Not Detected work silent 2021

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I bought the software a couple of days ago and it works perfectly 10/10 highly recommended, only it is not compatible with computers with less than 10GB of ram



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Интересно было увидеть его здесь...
Купил на месяц попробовать на другом форуме, это переделанный CypherRat, но все функции работают, есть биндер, но нет инжектов. Годится для шпионства.
Бот долго не живет без крипта.
Не ФУД, все остальное работало, когда тестил.



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The Most Powerful Android RAT

Cypher RAT V3 Full Version In Cheap Price Lifetime – License


Persistent Connection Android 12 Supported

Apk Injection Feature
Binding Feature
Live Keylogger
Offline Keylogger
Live Screeen Monitor
Call Logs
Contact List
Sms List
Send Sms To Anyone
File Manager
Live Mic Recorder
File Upload
Hidden Link Opener
Camera Capture
App List Del - Uninstall
Gmail Password Stealer
Facebook Password Stealer
Anti Unistall Apk Feature
Anti Stop Feature
Always Run In Background
App Skin Changer
Hide Icon Automatically
And Much More...

Intrested guys msg me

Official Price 400$

Our Price 35$ Only Lifetime License


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