НЕ ПРОВЕРЕНО Organizing a Traffic GANG for Crypto/Forex 2022

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  • 07.07.2022
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Hey ALL!

I'm creating this days a Traffic Gang focused on Crypto/Forex industry. This group will work as a hacking team, where all collaborate and all are loyal and have money and connections.

Max 10 members. where everyone on it must have:

1- Good connections. (like good developers, etc.)

2- $100K earned as commissions promoting offers on other niches or on Crypto/forex like: porn, nutra, dating,casino , binary etc..

3- Good traffic volumes.

The idea, is to create a high traffic volume group, so we can get the maximum payouts from brokers and crypto exchanges.

The normal affiliate who works alone may get $1000 per deposit in Germany (for example)

In our group, because of the high traffic volume, you can get $2000 per deposit in Germany 🙂


So, everyone with the high traffic and requirements I mentioned above, is welcome to get in touch with me.

I'm an email spammer (you can find some of my posts in this forum). Just an affiliate that found that a group = POWER

Lets make some money.

skype: live:affiliates_476

ICQ: @720177811

Yours , Joker2019 😉
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