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Hey guys,

So here is a little bit about myself, my name, what I do, have done and what I am planning on doing.

================ Who am I? / What have I done? ===============

So I am CashOutGang1337, Also known as Blueskies1337.
I consider my self to still be newer to the whole "Darkweb" and "Criminal" aspects on the internet, however I have been involved in this area of work for about 2-3 years now or so.
I got into this feild and developed an interest in it due to COVID hitting my country. When COVID hit, all the jobs in my specific job feild (hospitality services) disapeard. I was out of work, and could not find work due to my criminal record and work history.
I tried to file for unemployment ... got accepted .. but im still waiting to collect ... even now .. 2-3 years latter ... So I had to make money and had to do something ...

So I became a vendor on the TOR network and started to simply just reselling items that I purchased for a cheaper price than what I purchased it for. With a little bit of dedication, time and customer service - I established a rather good name for myself as well as my raitings .. Wound up going from one market to 12 other markets and started vending on every market possible. The cash flow was very decent to start for the first 5-6 months or so. I collected enough income inorder to support myself and those who rely on my in my house.

After the first 6 months - 8 months or so; I noticed ALOT of TOR Marketplaces starting to exit scam rather quickly after coming online or goverment officals taking them offline.
Then I noticed the offical launch of "Operation DisrupTor" and "Operation SaboTor" - both were partnership between JCODE (Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement) and Europol against the illegal sale of drugs and other illicit goods and services.
However the goverments MAIN concern and targets are mainly drug and weapon related targets .. you do see and hear about other markets and individuals in the "fraud" end getting caught up .. So i started to think about the whole TOR network and traffic and whatnot and came to the conclusion - IF I was a goverment offical looking into catching people on TOR .. Its like finding a needle in a needle stack .. the chances of you finding and tracking someone doing illegal shit over TOR network ... its HIGHLY likley.
So I switched up and started hiding in plain site, but choosing not to advertise as much and let customers and word of mouth bring the traffic in. Which have been going very well. So well to the point where I started my own Marketplace, Channels, and started to expand my name into a group and a community.

=============== What Am I Planning to Do? ===============

Now that covid is dying down and vacines are out - jobs started opening back up and I have been employed full time again and have not had as much time as I need to focus on my online sales and customer support. I started to hire and work with a few individuals and out of 5 or 6 of them .... Only 1 or 2 proved them selves worthy. But they can only help where and when they can in they areas that they can. Which dont get wrong - is wonderful; however I am in search of a few different people that can fill the spot in the holes that need to be filled .. So im reaching out publicly ..

I have been working on setting up a website, forums, social site and whatever else you want to call this "project" for about 2-3 months now and would like to see if anyone would be intersted in finishing helping me.

I have a main marketplace that is a Multi-Vendor themed market.
I also have a few different autoshop marketplaces as well as my own personal marketplace.

I have a BUNCH of community & member perks being established and finished up now such as a lottery service, auction house, email flooding services, SMS Spamming services, private & premium resources and products, and a botnet panel hosting service.

I also have a solid customer support system in place as well as live chat support options and a strong telegram following.

=============== What do I need? ===============

So right now I am looking for someone to help me wrap up the web development and graphic design of everything.

Also I am looking for some people to help handle customer support and advertisment.

=============== And Of Course - Looking For Vendors & Sellers ===============

Here is a list of the items that I personally sell and dabble with:

Spamming Tools

- WHM / CPanel
- Leads
- Scam Pages
- Letters
- Email Lists
- Misc. Tools

Bullets (Openbullet, Blackbullet, Cyberbullet, Etc)

- Configs
- Combo Lists
- Programs
- Proxies
- Misc.


- Bank Logs
- Checks (Digital)
- Account Details
- Credit Cards
- Trac 1/2
- Loaning Accounts / Resources
- Merchant Accounts

Personal Info & Docs

- ID / DL Scans (Front and Backs)
- Goverment Documents (Scans)
- Tax Documentations
- US Fullz
- US Fullz + DL + AN / RN
- US Profile Full Info
- Accounting Info
- US Tax IDs

Tutorials & Guides

- Carding
- Botnets
- Social Enginerring
- Accounts (Open-ups or Exploits)
- Exploits
- Dorking


- DL / DOB / SSN Look Up Services
- Document Drawings
- Personal Hacker
- Online Classes
- Spreading Services
- Spamming Services

Botnets / Viruses

- Botnet Software
- Panels
- Crypters
- Binders
- Injectors
- Spreaders
- Botnet Rentals
- Botnet Stealer Logs

============== Thank you ===================
All feedback is GREATLY appreciated !!!!!!!
Thanks for taking the time out of your day for reading this, considering anything, and / or leaving feedback (weather good or bad)



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i was actually in process of building a market myself if youd like hit me up on TG @couchkash
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