SOFT Acunetix Windows 15.2.221208162



  • 26.11.2022
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Acunetix 15.2.221208162

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner by Invicti. Comprehensive web security
crawler that analyzes web app security.


1. install it with acunetix_15.2.221208162.exe
(remember the login and password you set)
2. run install_crack.bat as admin
3. access the UI in your browser, default is
login and disable automatic updates


Note: if you installed to a custom directory location you will need to
either edit _install_crack.bat or manually perform the same steps. Also
take care that you don't have some browser plugins like an adblocker
that would interfere with the Acunetix web interface. Before you report
a problem with this release - there isn't one - double check those sort of
things first. Also for best results, and this applies for all software
especially security software, install this to a clean virtual machine.
Why? Well because it is known and tested to be working, but also like many
such programs it could conflict with others - it has a database running
and other programs might also use the same database software, etc.


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